Monday, 7 April 2014

Tea Tree Oil

Hello hello! Today I'm gonna be talking about skin care and more specifically Tea Tree Oil. I'm pretty sure that many of you have heard about Tea Tree Oil and all of it's glory. For those who don't know what Tea Tree Oil is, it's an essential oil that jas sooo many useful purposes. For example,   it can be used to treat acne, infections and even athlete's foot! (eww)

I've been using Tea Tree Oil for about 2 years now and I can testify to it's healing properties.
The tea tree oil products I use are from the Body Shop because it's the only place in Singapore that has a wide product range and is cost efficient as well.
My favourite products are the Tea Tree Oil and the Tea Tree Oil Foaming Cleanser.

I mainly use the Tea Tree Oil for pimples. I dab a few drops of the oil on a cotton wool and swab it on the pimple.
For the foamimg cleaner, I wet my face and pump once and massage it gently into my face with my fingertips. After which I was off with water and pat my skin dry. I use it about 2 times a day and since I've started using it, I've noticed that my breakouts have been greatly reduced and I feel really refreshed after using it. AND IT SMELLS GREAT TOO. Awesome plus points!

Not only talking is tea tree oil great for facial care but it has antiseptic uses as well.
About a year ago, my dog got this nasty infection on his lower body and it was red, inflamed and had pus coming out. We brought him to the Vet and he had the fur in the infected area shaved and the vet recommended us this Tea Tree Oil cream and told us to apply it two times daily. After diligently applying it for a few days, the inflammed area cleared up very well and was completely healed in about a week and a half. Isn't that awesome? If you own a dog too, you should know how it pains your heart to see your fur kids in pain :(
Whenever my dog has wounds or abrasions (he gets a lot of them because he runs a lot) I just apply a bit of the tea tree oil cream and it heals pretty quickly! :)

All in all, Tea Tree oil is an amazing essential oil with so many purposes and I would definitely recommend that you try it out at least once in your life.
If you use tea tree oil, please comment about your experience down below.

Stay safe and eat fruits and veggies and I'll see you guys soon!