Sunday, 30 March 2014


It's Sundayyyyyyyyy
Finally this week is over, it's been an extremely long week and I'm so glad that it's over.
I went to Church in the morning and Chris Tomlin, Ps Louie Giglio and the Passion Band and Pastor Louie preached a GREAT message and I'm totally recharged for the week!

I went for dim sum lunch with my family after service. At Red Star restaurant - literally my abso-freaking-lutely favourite dim sum restaurant in the whole world.
The Ha Kau is so juicy and succulent - the prawn inside is HUUGE.
I'm not usually a porridge fan, but their porridge is to die for. The texture is not too runny or too dry and the combination of ingredients inside click so well together and it's tastes UH-MAY-ZING.

Stopped by a bookshop for a short while after lunch and I picked up 'Revenge wears Prada' - the sequel to 'The Devil wears Prada'. I watched the movie a while back and I fell in love with it and I was so excited when I found out that there was a sequel. Can't wait to read it!

Has anyone read it yet? What do you think about it? Leave a comment down below!


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Polyvore Create

Hey guys, I wanna share with you a tool on called the Polyvore create. Basically, it's an application that lets you put together a collage of clothes and accessories etc and it's a really cool app to put together outfit ideas, so do go and check it out here!

Here's a couple of outfits I put together - it's 11:30pm in Singapore and I'm bored haha. 

skater girl


summertime florals

Okay guys, I'm literally having so much fun creating these, I could spend all night doing nothing but this haha.
I hope you guys liked these outfits, if you do please leave a comment! :)
If you guys use polyvore create too, link me to one of your creations in the comments?

Have a great week xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Disney On Ice 2014

I went to watch Disney On Ice: Treasure Trove yesterday - 24 March 2014, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with my brother and his girlfriend.
Saw a lot of little girls dressed up as Disney Princesses, they were super adorbs! haha!
I remember dressing up as Snow White at some event thingy at Centrepoint when I was a lot younger! I was so cute! *note to self Jill, self-praise is no praise, oops.

The show started at 7:30 and we bought some popcorns and churros and were seated by 7. As usual, the food was wayyyy overpriced.
C'mon, $6 for popcorn and $4.50 for ONE churro?! But I guess that's how they make money...
I contemplating whether or not to bring my DSLR to take pictures of the show but decided not to because it was stated on the ticket that no photography was allowed during the performance. How stupid I was - when the show was about to start, they made an announcement and said that photography/videography was allowed as long as it was for personal use and not to be distributed. Ugh. So annoying.
In the end, I only managed to take pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S4. It has a good camera for a phone but it couldn't really capture the performance well especially because of the strong stage lights :(

So, lesson learnt. Next time, screw the rules and bring my camera.

Let's get to the actual performance.
Foreword, I am a figure skating junkie, I watch way too much competitive figure skating so I'm really critical when it comes to the technical aspect of the routines.

The performance opened with Toy story, followed by Peter Pan, Alice in wonderland, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Tangled, Princess and the Frog and closed with all the Disney Princesses and Prices skating to Someday My Prince will come.

What I noticed throughout the performance was that it wasn't technically very strong. One of the toy soldiers fell on the double axel, a lot of the other skaters popped their jumps and the jumps weren't very clean. I know this isn't a competition, but it is a skating performance, so no matter what the technical aspect still counts! I don't recall seeing any triples or combinations of any sorts, mainly double toe loops and salchows. The spins weren't great either. Many basic spins like the scratch spin and sit spins. More advanced spins like camel spins were barely even attempted. I don't even have to mention layback spins and biellman spins.

On the other hand, the ice dancing routine in the Lion King performance was really impressive! I absolutely LOVED the performance of Can You Feel The Love Tonight - i crie everi tiem. The lifts were very clean and I could actually feel the emotions in the performance. Ugh, The Lion King is literally the best Disney movie ever made. Here's a video from Youtube 

In some parts of the routines, they also called kids from the audience to take part in the performance. For example, during the Alice in Wonderland routine, they got a few kids to sit in a giant tea cup and whirled around the ice for a little bit. Also, during the Tangled routine, they got a kid to release one of the lanterns.
I wish I was a kid again! It seems so fun!

So overall, I think this show is great for kids, it's really entertaining and fun to watch. But just don't expect the technical skating to be Olympic standard, yeah?

Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove gets a 7/10 from me!

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hey guys, my name is JillianI'm 16 years old and I'm from Singapore!
I decided to start this blog because I was inspired by the oh-so many bloggers and vloggers online
I also want to use this blog as a platform to share my ideas, tips and thoughts with the world
But it's no open diary, so fret not if you think this is where I just go on and go on and talk about my mundane life. However, I am known amongst my friends to be quite a ranter haha so maybe once in a while a rant post will be published about topics I feel strongly about.

So to kickstart this blog, I'm going to list 25 facts about me!

1) I'm Chinese - YAYYYYY #asian #asiansarecool #asianpride
2) Like most girls, I like fashion, makeup and beauty
3) I want to be a journalist/fashion writer/stylist in the future
4) I want to work/live in New York City and stay in a tiny shoebox apartment that overlooks the Manhattan Skyline
5) I am currently a secondary school student, doing my O levels this year, so I think this blog will be a side project. Maybe once a week? As a break from studying and a form of relaxing too!
6) I have a dog, the cutest Border collie in the world!
7) I like the cold, I wasn't born to live in Sunny Singapore :/
8) I love the Hunger Games
9) I've never read/seen Harry Potter and I don't plan on doing so *cue the hate, but I'm wearing a turtleneck so high I can't even see dem haters*
10) I'm the youngest in my family
11) I get annoyed at people very easily
12) I swear too much
13) I eat cookies on my bed and sweep the crumbs off, unto the floor where my dog will clean up for me *oops*
14) If I don't have something on that day, I might not change out of my pyjamas
15) I don't like fake people
16) There's something about perfectly clean sneakers that make me feel unsettled.
17) I need more money
18) I think fangirls who go over the board are really annoying. Like, tbh. Your "idol" doesn't even know you, do you really think they care about you? All they care about is how much money you are spending and how much effort are you using to promote them - which in turn makes them more money. I could go on forever about this, but let's save that for a rant post haha.
19) I like puns
20) I'm really unfit, haha but I'm trying to change that!
21) I think everyone is annoying
22) I do enjoy being alone
23) I prefer Coffee bean & Tea leaf over Starbucks #notacommonwhitegirl #butwaitimasian
24) I would like to apologise if my excessive use of hashtags annoy you
25) I like big butts and I cannot lie