Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hey guys, my name is JillianI'm 16 years old and I'm from Singapore!
I decided to start this blog because I was inspired by the oh-so many bloggers and vloggers online
I also want to use this blog as a platform to share my ideas, tips and thoughts with the world
But it's no open diary, so fret not if you think this is where I just go on and go on and talk about my mundane life. However, I am known amongst my friends to be quite a ranter haha so maybe once in a while a rant post will be published about topics I feel strongly about.

So to kickstart this blog, I'm going to list 25 facts about me!

1) I'm Chinese - YAYYYYY #asian #asiansarecool #asianpride
2) Like most girls, I like fashion, makeup and beauty
3) I want to be a journalist/fashion writer/stylist in the future
4) I want to work/live in New York City and stay in a tiny shoebox apartment that overlooks the Manhattan Skyline
5) I am currently a secondary school student, doing my O levels this year, so I think this blog will be a side project. Maybe once a week? As a break from studying and a form of relaxing too!
6) I have a dog, the cutest Border collie in the world!
7) I like the cold, I wasn't born to live in Sunny Singapore :/
8) I love the Hunger Games
9) I've never read/seen Harry Potter and I don't plan on doing so *cue the hate, but I'm wearing a turtleneck so high I can't even see dem haters*
10) I'm the youngest in my family
11) I get annoyed at people very easily
12) I swear too much
13) I eat cookies on my bed and sweep the crumbs off, unto the floor where my dog will clean up for me *oops*
14) If I don't have something on that day, I might not change out of my pyjamas
15) I don't like fake people
16) There's something about perfectly clean sneakers that make me feel unsettled.
17) I need more money
18) I think fangirls who go over the board are really annoying. Like, tbh. Your "idol" doesn't even know you, do you really think they care about you? All they care about is how much money you are spending and how much effort are you using to promote them - which in turn makes them more money. I could go on forever about this, but let's save that for a rant post haha.
19) I like puns
20) I'm really unfit, haha but I'm trying to change that!
21) I think everyone is annoying
22) I do enjoy being alone
23) I prefer Coffee bean & Tea leaf over Starbucks #notacommonwhitegirl #butwaitimasian
24) I would like to apologise if my excessive use of hashtags annoy you
25) I like big butts and I cannot lie


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